How to clean beard trimmer

How to Clean Beard Trimmer ( 4 Easy Steps)

When you use your beard trimmer daily, it can get dirty. How to clean beard trimmer? How often should you be doing it? How do I do this process properly? You are about to find out how to get the job done right.

Let me start by saying the number one thing that will ruin your trimmer is water getting inside of it. Water and electricity don’t mix because water can conduct electricity. Wash only the outside with a damp cloth! If you have already dropped yours in the sink before then take apart what you can and let it dry for 24 hours.

How often should you clean your trimmer? It depends on how dirty it is but trying to do this once a week or every other day.

How to Clean Beard Trimmer

1. Rinse the trimmer

The first thing you should do after use is taken apart all of the pieces and rinse off any hair that may have accumulated during use. If there isn’t much then don’t worry about breaking out the brush just yet! You can clear everything off with running water from your faucet and put it back together so it’s ready for the next time you need it.

2. Use the brush

How to clean a beard trimmer with a battery-powered one? If you have a rechargeable model, then it’s safe to use water. How often should you clean your trimmer with the brush? Whenever you want! How do I use the brush? Using the non-bristled end of your brush gently massage into each area that has hair, this will loosen it up and make it easier to remove. How to clean beard trimmer properly: Gently massage with non-bristled end.

3. Apply oil

How to clean beard trimmer without damaging my blades? After you are all done brushing out the set, reapply some of your oil onto whatever head is detachable for easy cleaning.

4. Air Dry

After this let it air dry which is the best possible method.

How often should you be doing it? 

Once a week or every time you use the trimmer is good. How often really depends on how long your beard gets and what type of oil you use on it. How clean your bathroom is will also affect this; if you tend to leave water all over the place when shaving then obviously this will be more often than someone who doesn’t (i.e., me). How often also depends on how much hair is getting into the blades/cutting area—the more hair there is, the more clogging there will be and thus, the more frequently it needs to be cleaned. This means that with my beard (where I don’t trim very often) I only need to clean once or twice a week.

Can You Put Soap On Your Beard Trimmer?

This is a frequent query among those who own electric trimmers. While electric trimmers can be used while wet (otherwise they would be useless for beard trimming), you are not supposed to immerse it in water if that is what you are looking for.

Yes, soap may be used; however, liquid soap should be used as much as possible. Don’t try to scrub a bar of soap onto the blades since you’ll scratch the bar itself. The blades won’t be clean enough, in general. When using liquid soap, simply a few droplets and turn on your electric beard trimmer 2022. The blades will spin as they are switched on, cleaning the other side of the blade and motor.


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